Jan. 23rd, 2005

gardrastic: (south park)
If you enjoy blowing the holy hell out of pretty much everything, and you have either a PS2 or Xbox, you should really play Mercenaries.  I predict you will enjoy it.  My favorite hu-ah moment came from stealing an enemy helicopter, failing with my initial attempts to destroy a big statue of the Glorious Leader (you get a bounty and reputation enhance with one of the factions when you do that) with its measly two rockets (it was a little scouty copter, you see), then getting in a brief dogfight with another helicopter, blowing it out of the sky with minigun fire--whereupon it fell in a flaming wreck right onto aforementioned statue and exploded, destroying them both.

I feel like shooting up a school now.  More later.

Back.  The demo for Darwinia is out, and looks promising, although it feels a bit half-baked at the moment.  But I've always wished there were more games that take a deliberately trippy approach to art direction, and this certainly does that.


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