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In the opening five minutes of "Swordsman 2," a horse gets cut in half, lengthwise, by being caught in a kung-fu crossfire. Later, a horde of ninjas attack an inn by hurling bagfuls of scorpions into it, and one kung-fu chick's whole style revolves around throwing snakes at people.

The climactic battle contains of Jet Li demanding to know of Asia the Invincible, who has been transformed from man to woman via the supernatural kung fu of the sacred scrolls, whether or not they've really slept together.

Also, the primary attack of one of the other kung-fu dudes consists of the "Essence Absorbing Attack!" in which he gropes at the air and sucks items and people into his hands, whereupon they crumple in on themselves.

I think all of that really speaks for itself.

Date: 2005-01-31 03:26 pm (UTC)
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This was actually the first Hong Kong movie I ever saw, before even a Jackie Chan flick.

I have good friends.


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