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More what-I've-been-reading-lately rambling herein, with the usual amount of minor spoilers lurking like rusty traps with weak springs and nerf all over the sharp bits under the leaves.

His Dark Materials, Philip Pullman. First time I've reread my copies in awhile, inspired by a recent link from several sources to Pullman's comments about what's up (or what he's reassured is up) with the film adaptation in the works (of which I don't hold much hope, but aren't really up in arms about it either way--they'll need a couple of damn good young actors even aside from expected softening of parts that would make the more literal-minded religious folks eager to start stoning). Interestingly (to me), this time round I didn't find The Subtle Knife rushed-feeling at all, and reconfirmed that I find complaints that the Amber Spyglass's ending was disappointing to be off the mark--I chalk that common reaction up to a disagreement over where the climax of the trilogy lies and what constitutes mere falling action and wrap-up.

Something Wicked This Way Comes, Ray Bradbury. I still want someone to do a proper film adaptation of this someday, but don't expect one. The triumphant scene of Mr. Halloway putting an end to the Dust Witch still gives me goosebumps at the line "I have put my smile on the bullet."

To Say Nothing of the Dog, Connie Willis. I'd like a sequel. You've gotta figure the continuum's immune system isn't done with these characters in working out that future incongruity.

Aside from that, I've just recently finished chewing through the entirety of what's currently out for Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, of which my only complaint is that it was written far too late for me to read as an actual kid. The tone it's written in is a joy; I described it to a friend in email as if Daniel Pinkwater got very depressed and psychically scarred by a, er, series of unfortunate events. The backstory of the Snickets being built up is a refreshing change from the usual hero-myth type bits--the VFD was an organization raising gifted children to greatness...and it ended absolutely horribly in schism and ashes that the unfortunate Baudelaires are thrust unbidden and unasking into dealing with the pieces of a mess they're innocent of creating.

Also, "the world is quiet here" is one of the best mottoes I've ever heard. And Sunny showed me what my journal's title should be, so that's another plus. I hope books twelve and thirteen manage to get published before the tiny chamber Lemony's entombed in fills entirely with water or ends in conflagration, a term which here means, "a truly unfortunate event ending the series prematurely."
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